In the era of proof or document for everything from cell phone to the expensive properties everything
needs a document to prove their authenticity. And here compliance and legal comes in existence
where documents maintained as per the law and with professionals.

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What is Compliance

Society, a cooperative organisation is an association of persons, usually of limited means, who have voluntarily joined together to achieve a common economic end through the formation of a
democratically controlled organisation, making equitable distributions to the capital required, and
accepting a fair share of risk and benefits of the undertaking Cooperative Societies having various accountability, responsibility towards its Members, Management, Government therefore Societies need to submit its Statutory, Financial reporting to Government Authorities.

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Why Compliance is Important

Non-Compliance of the provisions lead to hefty penalties on Societies further in some cases Management may also liable for such non compliances.

Annual Compliance Under Societies Act

Annual Compliance Under Income Tax Act, GST Act

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